About Ormao Dance Company

What We Do:


Ormao Dance Company is an innovative, inclusive and noncompetitive home for dance and the arts in downtown Colorado Springs. Ormao’s offerings encompass open-to-the-public dance, choreography and yoga classes; three modern dance groups that provide balanced and rigorous training, and professional and youth performance; and a unique outreach program teaching math via dance in the area’s low-income public schools.


Why We’re Great:


Movement. Energy. Diversity. Community. Ormao has a two-decade history of excellence in these areas. We offer classes ranging from ballet to modern to hip-hop, for students of all ages while focusing on mind, body and spirit balance. Our award-winning modern dance company performs regularly and often in collaboration with other artists. Mathtastic, our school program for 3rd-to-5th-graders, brings movement to math.


Its name (pronounced or-MY-oh) stems from an ancient Greek term signifying “movement with force” and reflects the diversity of the company’s contemporary dance repertoire. Our goal is to bring premier, challenging modern dance performance and classes to Colorado Springs and Colorado as a whole.


Ormao’s mission statement is threefold:

  • To provoke, challenge, and entertain those in our community and beyond through the creative language of dance.
  • To encourage diversity and experimentation in the arts.
  • To enrich and enhance cultural opportunities within southern Colorado’s communities and schools by spear-heading initiatives that bring dance to the public and programs that educate people of all ages.

If any aspect of Ormao’s goal or mission statement resonates with you, we invite you to support us financially as we continue to grow!

Ormao Board of Directors
Ruth Roland, President

Liz Poje, Treasurer

Gloria Latimer, Secretary

Laurel Justice

Claudia van Poperingen

Deb Mahan

Bob Wolfson

Janet Johnson, Executive Director


Our Collaborations

Ormao Dance Company is a firm believer in the beauty and growth achieved through cross-discipline collaborations. So far, we have worked with the following gifted artists and look forward to all future collaborations:

Performing Artists:

Chamber Orchestra of Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Vocal Arts Ensemble
Colorado Springs Conservatory
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
Imagination Celebration
Colorado Springs Philharmonic
Colorado Springs Youth Symphony
Performing Arts For Youth (PAYO)

Visual Artists:

UCCS Gallery of Contemporary Art
Michael Cellan
Aaron Graves

Chuck Mardoz

Wendy Mike

Tina Riesterer
Ken Riesterer
Maricia Hefti
Colorado Springs School

The Company

“Why Dance?

It is a sensual, powerful way to communicate beyond words in a tactile expression between audience and dancer. Dance is part of a moment. Our impression can’t be captured by words, photos, videos or any other media. It requires vulnerability from everyone involved and celebrates human emotion and life experience.

I feel that contemporary dance is especially passionate in its bravery and choice to welcome any person into its society. Where ballet separates itself, post-modern dance has chosen to embrace.

–Tiffany Tinsley Weeks
Assistant Director
& Company Dancer